Our Business

Gulf manages a portfolio of gas-fired and renewable power projects that serve both public (The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, or EGAT) and private clients in Thailand’s main industrial zones. In addition to electricity, some of our power plants also supply steam and chilled water to private industrial clients. Moreover, we also provide management services to power projects within the group from the development and construction stage to the management stage after commencement of commercial operation.

We are working towards providing energy efficiency solutions and developing energy resources of the future, including biofuels and other renewables. We aim to create and develop high-value resource opportunities by aligning our business strategies through disciplined operational excellence, capital stewardship and cost efficiency. In addition, we plan to grow earnings across the value chain and make targeted investments to lead the industry in returns.

Currently, Gulf has 21 power projects in operation, including 2 gas-fired IPPs, 15 gas-fired SPPs (Cogen) and 4 rooftop solar VSPPs, and has 7 power projects under construction and development, including 2 gas-fired IPPs, 4 gas-fired SPPs (Cogen) and 1 biomass SPP, in Thailand.

In addition, we have expanded overseas with 5 projects under construction and development including 1 captive power plant in Oman, 3 solar projects and 1 off-shore wind project in Vietnam.