Economic Growth

Power generation is inextricably linked to development and economic growth. At Gulf, we recognize that as a leading Thai energy producer, our company plays a major role in securing the country’s development. We have a responsibility to ensure we provide reliable, high quality energy to support all activities requiring electricity.

The Thai economy is expected to grow approximately 3-4% per year over the next two decades. Consequently, even after taking into account the government’s Energy Efficiency Development Plan (EEDP), electricity demand is forecasted to increase by around 2.7% per year in the same period. At the end ... Read More

Gulf aims to continue contributing to development and strengthening the business through active expansion and investment in power and energy-related projects both in Thailand and abroad. In Thailand, we currently have both conventional gas-fired power plants and renewable energy power proje... Read More

We are committed to achieving success through responsible business practices and good corporate governance. For us, good corporate governance means more than just complying with legal obligations; it means upholding the principles of ethical business practice, being transparent and accountable, a... Read More