GULF Receives 2018 Environmental Governance Award
Publish on August 03, 2018
Bangkok, 3 August 2018 – Ms. Yupapin Wangviwat, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Officer of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, or GULF, received the 2018 Environmental Governance Award from the Ministry of Industry at the Challenger Impact Muang Thong in a ceremony presided over by Industry Minister Utama Sawanayon. Gulf JP NK2, a power project under the GULF group, is a model industrial power project in Saraburi province which places value on environmental protection through a systematic environmental management policy that meets relevant legal and regulatory standards. In addition, the Gulf JP NK2 power project has several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on the Saraburi community in the areas where the Company operates.

The Gulf JP NK2 power project has met all seven good environmental governance criteria, namely: 1. Public access to information 2. Public participation in problem solving 3. Transparency 4. Social responsibility (CSR) 5. Legal compliance 6. Fairness and 7. Sustainability.

“This award and honorable mention validates GULF’s efforts to protect the environment and take care of the community in which we operate. The award is a great honor for GULF. We will work hard to provide the best quality in all areas and will continue to conduct our operations under the principle of environmental protection. Our commitment has seen power projects under the GULF group consistently receive this award over the past few years: Gulf Cogeneration Co., Ltd. (GCC) in 2013, Gulf Power Generation Co., Ltd. (GPG) in 2014, Gulf JP NS Co., Ltd. (GNS) in 2016, and most recently, Gulf JP NK2 Co., Ltd. (GNK2) in 2018,” Ms. Yupapin stated.

The Environmental Governance Awards are organized by the Ministry of Industry with the objective of promoting cooperation for environmental protection. Companies that receive the award are thus considered to be companies that have outstanding environmental management practices in accordance with plans for sustainable pollution elimination and reduction and effective participation in environmental protection in cooperation with the local community.
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