Power Generation

GULF’s gas-fired Independent Power Producer (“IPP”), power generation projects that generate and sell electricity to EGAT under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”), while its gas-fired Small Power Producer (“SPP”) projects sell 70% - 80% of the electricity they generate to EGAT under a 25-year PPA. The PPAs begin when a project achieves commercial operation.

GULF’s Power Generation

Electricity sold to EGAT is distributed through EGAT’s country-wide transmission network from where it is then sold to PEA and MEA who then distribute it to consumers across Thailand. GULF’s SPPs also sell electricity, steam and chilled water to industrial users.

In Thailand, GULF currently has 21 gas-fired power generation projects in operation, with another 4 gas-fired IPPs in development. Overseas, GULF is developing a captive gas-fired power project in the Duqm Special Economic Zone in Oman.

In operation
5,800 MW
Under construction
7,766 MW
In Operation
Under Construction
GUT (IPP : 1,752.40 MW)
GBL (SPP : 126.8 MW)
GBP (SPP : 126.8 MW)
GNS (IPP : 1,653.20 MW)
GKP1 (SPP : 114 MW)
GKP2 (SPP : 114 MW)
GTLC (SPP : 114 MW)
GNK2 (SPP : 133 MW)
GNPM (SPP : 135.20 MW)
GCRN (SPP : 119 MW)
HKP (IPP : 1,540 MW)
Nakorn Ratchasima
GNRV1 (SPP : 128.2 MW)
GNRV2 (SPP : 128.2 MW)
GNC (SPP : 126.5 MW)
GNNK (SPP : 114 MW)
BPP (IPP : 600 MW)
GSRC (IPP : 2,650 MW)
GNLL (SPP : 123 MW)
GVTP (SPP : 137 MW)
GTS1 (SPP : 134 MW)
GTS2 (SPP : 134 MW)
GTS3 (SPP : 129.9 MW)
GTS4 (SPP : 129.9 MW)
GNLL2 (SPP : 126.9 MW)
GPD (IPP : 2,650 MW)
In Operation
Under Construction
Duqm Special Economic Zone
DIPWP (Captive plant : 326 MW)

Renewable Power Generation

The production of electricity from sources that are replenished naturally and can be used continuously without depleting them. Examples include solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, geothermal power, and biomass. These sources of energy do not release greenhouse gasses or other pollutants, making them a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based power generation. Additionally, renewable energy can be generated at a local level, which can help reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels and improve energy security.

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