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(Renewable Energy)

With experience in developing and managing over 30 power projects or over 14 GW of highly efficient energy, GULF invests in a portfolio of gas-fired power plants and renewable energy, which have long-term power purchase agreements with governments or strong private sectors. The Company also develops its gas business to diversify into the upstream business for the Gas-Fired Power Generation Business.


Renewable energy is energy that can be reused without exhaustion. It is energy that comes from energy sources that occur repeatedly and have natural sources such as solar, wind, water, geothermal. Renewable energy is used as an alternative energy to replace energy that is consumed. Fossil fuels, oil, coal and renewables are still considered clean energy, because it is energy that does not affect the environment and is not polluting.

What are the types of renewable energy?

These inexhaustible power sources offer a compelling alternative to fossil fuels, promising reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a more environmentally friendly approach to meeting the world's energy demands. There are five primary types of renewable energy:

  1. Biomass energy

    It is generated from the use of organic matter derived from waste and leftover agricultural waste such as rice straw, bagasse, cassava residue, corn cob, fiber and palm shells. Can be divided into 2 types: direct combustion of biomass fuel (Direct Combustion) and thermochemical process (Thermochemical Conversion) until biogas from waste fermentation.

  2. Solar energy

    It is a huge amount of clean energy that has been utilized in many different fields. It is also popular to use solar energy to produce electricity through a device called solar cells by converting solar energy into direct current power that can be taken advantage of immediately.

  3. Wind energy

    It is a clean energy source from nature. The wind is caused by the difference in temperature and air pressure in each location. Wind is clean energy, does not pollute and can be used to generate electricity by installing wind turbines. The wind turbines will be installed along the coastline or a valley with strong winds. The amount of electricity produced depends on the length of the turbine blades and wind speed.

  4. Hydro energy

    It is a natural source of renewable energy, an important source of energy for electricity generation. Electricity derived from hydropower will depend on the height of the water and water flow rate. The energy from water can be divided into waterfall energy, wave energy, tidal energy.

  5. Geothermal energy

    It is the energy beneath the earth's surface which is energy in the form of hot water and hot steam caused by rainwater. Seeps along the rock layer caused by the movement of the Earth's crust. Until it becomes hot water and steam because it receives heat from the heated rock layer. Geothermal energy often manifests itself in the form of hot steam, hot springs.

    Renewable energy has been used in many ways in daily life such as using energy to produce electricity and substitute the use of fossil fuels that may run out. It is also environmentally friendly, reduces harmful emissions to the environment, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. Renewable energy also reduces the health effects of long-term energy use.