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Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited
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Be motivated and courageous to overcome limitations

The Company encourages and supports personal development so that employees can achieve the Company’s goal and confidently push their limits and overcome obstacles together.
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Work as one team for mutual success

The Company creates a work environment that facilitates knowledge-sharing and exchange, and supports activities that encourage positive interactions among employees.
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Love learning and be curious to initiate and explore new things

Employees are challenged to think outside the box, learn from mistakes, look for new ideas, and seek personal development through training opportunities provided throughout the year.
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Be flexible and agile to all challenges

The Company and its employees must be able to adapt to an ever changing environment, be open to new ideas and perspectives, and be resourceful and flexible in their work.
Vision & Mission
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A trusted company that innovates to develop premier energy across boundaries
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To integrate innovative strategy, quality resources, premier technology and culture of commitment to achieve the most reliable energy solution