GULF Powers up Meal Programs of Schools Surrounding its Power Plants Funding lunch programs and Organizing Fun Science Experiments during National Science week at Wat Metarang School, Pathum Thani
Publish on August 19, 2020
Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited provided a total of 250,000 baht to support school lunch programs for Wat Metarang School in Sam Khok District, Pathum Thani Province and 15 other schools in the local communities surrounding Gulf Group’s power plants. Gulf Group also provided support to improve the school’s vegetable patch, procuring a variety of vegetable seeds and 25 hens for the school to manage so that the products could be used in student meals, helping the school reduce costs in the long run. The initiative promotes good health among school-aged children through the provision of nutritious meals which are essential for development and also helps to strengthen the relationship between Gulf and the local community. In celebration of National Science Week, Gulf employees from Chiang Rak Noi Power Plant also hosted fun Science experiments, where students learned how to generate electricity using citrus fruits like lime and lemon and participated in a balloon rocket experiment. The activity promotes cognitive development for primary school students and enhances their skills outside the classroom.
Mr. Sitamon Ratanavadi, on behalf of Mr. Sarath Ratanavadi, Chief Executive Officer of GULF stated, “The development of people’s quality of life both in the communities around the power plants and in society in general has always been part of Gulf Group’s commitment under the concept of 'Powering the Future, Empowering the People'. By supporting extra funding for school lunches, more nutrition will be added to students’ everyday meals. Additionally, providing vegetable seeds and chickens helps the school become more self-sufficient, in line with the way we operate our demonstration farm near our power plants where we produce organic fertilizer, grow various fruit and vegetables, and raise fish. In fact, the demonstration farm has now become an agricultural learning center and local recreational area which helps promote organic farming and agritourism.”

“Today, staff from Chiang Rak Noi Power Plant in Pathum Thani Province, one of the plants in Gulf Group, joined together to organize the exciting Science activities to demonstrate a lime battery experiment and a balloon rocket experiment. This offers students learning experiences outside of the classroom which encourages creative thinking and curiosity through hands-on experimentation, providing knowledge and skills which could be applied to many uses in the future,” Mr. Sitamon added.
Mr. Satakrich Wichitpan, Wat Metarang’s School Principal said, “We would like to thank Gulf Group for supporting our school lunch program and for providing vegetable seeds and hens. This will allow us to develop our school lunch program in a sustainable manner as we will have agricultural products that can be used in students’ meals in the long run.”
Funding the lunch programs and organizing educational activity for students is not only the way to reach and establish relationships with communities surrounding the power plants, but also underscores Gulf Group’s mission to drive business in tandem with the sustainable development of people’s quality of life. For more event highlights and updates, please visit Gulf Spark
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