GULF launches ‘GULF Sparks Energy’ Youth Camp Inviting the young to explore world of energy towards zero-emission era
Dec 3, 2021
Gulf Energy Development plc (GULF) recently organized the youth camp ‘GULF Sparks Energy’ to invite students to explore the world of energy so that they could have a better understanding of various energy sources that we use in our daily life while inculcating them with energy-saving habits. The activity also provided knowledge about renewable energy and the global trend towards clean energy together with environmental conservation. The camp was a pilot project, starting in Chiang Rai in the North of Thailand.

The ‘GULF Sparks Energy’ youth camp was held from 22 November to 2 December 2021 at eight schools in Chiang Rai province: Ban Huai Luek School, Ban Jampong School, Ban Pak Ing School, Ban Hua Wiang School, Rim Khong Witthaya School, Ban Pa Ka Mae Ngoen Community School, Ban Suan Dok Tha Khanthong Samakkhi School and Ban Huai Kiang School. In the ‘stations’ activity, small groups of students moved from station to station to learn about various energy sources used for electricity generation e.g. natural gas and oil, coal-fired power generation, wind power, solar energy and hydropower.

Mr. Damrong Hanchana, Principal of Ban Huai Luek School, said: “Our school is delighted that GULF encourages activity-based learning for students and teachers. The school places importance on energy education, especially renewable energy and has already been teaching these topics under the subject ‘Science’. The activity stations represent key renewable energy sources of the future such as wind power, and solar energy. With its fun educational activities, the school would like to thank GULF for organizing this camp. We hope that this activity will help build and enhance the students’ skills, knowledge and experience of renewable energy, which will be highly significant in the years of energy transitioning.”

Sirirat Sethrattanakun, student from Ban Huai Luek School, said: “It was fun to participate in the activities and learn more about energy. My favorite activity station was ‘hydropower’ because it is a clean source of energy that relies on the water cycle. I want to say thank you to the GULF staff who came to organize such a good activity at our school.”

The youth camp ‘GULF Sparks Energy’ is one of GULF’s pilot projects focusing on youth development and education, with an emphasis on providing students with better understanding of energy, cultivating them with an energy-saving mindset as well as explaining more about the global shift towards green energy. GULF is committed to escalating the project by expanding it to other provinces across Thailand in order to amplify the results and make concrete contributions to the creation of a more sustainable society.

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