GULF teams up with MEA for joint study and development of businesses related to power systems and energy management
February 25, 2021
Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (GULF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the joint study and development of businesses related to power and energy management systems with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA). The purpose is to develop energy solutions such as Independent Power Supplies for industrial estates in Bangkok and its vicinity, Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), Energy Storage Systems (ESS), District Cooling Systems and the establishment of an Energy Trading Platform to meet the demand of both the industrial and household sectors effectively in response to energy trends of the future.

Ms. Porntipa Chinvetkitvanit, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, said: “GULF is honored to be a trusted business partner of MEA. This partnership is in line with GULF’s growth direction, where we are always looking for new business opportunities. GULF is well-equipped with technology, investment funding, manpower and a well-established globally connected network with leading energy suppliers. Therefore, the company is ready to invest and develop energy solutions in the era of energy disruption, where the government supports the production of clean energy, energy conservation and digital energy business to strengthen the nation’s energy security in the age of energy transitioning.”

Mr. Werawat Buatong, Deputy Governor - Strategy and Organization Development, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority said: “MEA, a state enterprise under the Ministry of Interior, is committed to delivering efficient, reliable electricity services to meet the needs of business and electricity users along with social and environmental responsibility. We are committed to renewable energy following government policy to serve smart living for city life. Therefore, the MEA is partnering with GULF, an expert in the power generation business, in this pilot study for business development related to power systems such as Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Management Systems, ESS, and District Cooling Systems, etc., to pave the way for the joint development of Thailand’s smart cities initiatives. More importantly, it yields benefits for the country’s energy management system and is regarded as an important step to explore business opportunities related to power systems and energy management. This will also raise the bar for modern services with digital technology to support the various needs for electricity in metropolitan areas.”

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