Gulf NS welcomes the delegation from Young Executive MBA, Chulalongkorn University
Publish on June 25, 2017
On 25 June 2017, Gulf NS (GNS), Gulf Group and the Human Resources Department welcomed the delegation from Yong Executive MBA, Chalalongkorn University and organized a lecture on-site for their Operations Management course. Mr. Manot Pongpalee, GNS Plant Manager, conducted the lecture on the topic of the power plant’s operations process. He was joined by Ms. Yanisa Wattanakumnuan (Vice President - Community Relations) who lectured about the GNS plant’s history and community relations, and Ms. Tipaporn Leenanurak (Vice President - Human Resources) who lectured about HR Management. The deleÎgation also received a tour of the GNS facility to further study power plant management.
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