GULF kicks off the commercial operation of GCG Biomass Power Plant
Publish on March 01, 2020
Gulf Chana Green Company Limited, a subsidiary which Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited or GULF holds 100% equity stake and the operator of Gulf Chana Green Biomass Project (GCG), commenced the sale of electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) on March 1, 2020. The GCG power plant is categorized as a Small Power Producer (SPP) and has a 25-year power purchase agreement with EGAT.

The GCG power project is GULF’s first biomass power plant, using waste wood as permitted by law namely parawood and mangium as fuel. The plant is located in 25.84 hectares, Khu sub-district, Chana district, Songkhla province, with an installed power generation capacity of 25 megawatts. The operation of biomass power plant will reduce dependence on fossil fuels e.g. natural gas, oil and coal, for energy and for environmental conservation.

The GCG power plant becomes an important driving force in increasing the electricity production while strengthening and stabilizing the electricity supply in the Southern region. This will enhance the economic and industrial development. In addition, the power plant has a policy to support the local employment in order to develop people’s skills and sustainably promote the well-being of the surrounding communities and general society.
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