GULF presents GULF CARE home isolation kits to Provincial Hospitals via Operation Smile Thailand
Oct 29, 2021
Gulf Energy Development Plc. (GULF), led by Mr. Sitamon Ratanavadi (2nd left), Assistant Manager - Business Planning, delivered 100 sets ‘GULF CARE’ home isolation kits for COVID-19 patients to Operation Smile Thailand, a non-profit-medical charity. Ms. Phanida Phromchanya (3rd left), Executive Director, Operation Smile Thailand, accepted the donation. The foundation takes charge in distributing the kits to Covid-19 patients under the care of Maesot General Hospital in Tak province and Srisangwan Hospital in Mae Hong Son province.
GULF has handed over 10,000 sets of ‘GULF CARE’ home isolation kits, worth 10 million baht, to volunteer groups and patients registered through online channel. The kits, which are enough to last at least 14 days, contain an oxygen pulse fingertip oximeter, digital thermometer, paracetamol, Andrographis paniculata capsules, surgical masks, and hand sanitizer as well as recommendations for self-treatment at home.

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