GULF listed on ‘THSI 2022’ for fourth consecutive year

October 12, 2022
 ULF listed on ‘THSI 2022’ for fourth consecutive year
Gulf Energy Development plc (GULF) is among 170 companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (SET) ‘Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) 2022’ in the ‘Resources’ category for the fourth consecutive year. This reaffirms GULF’s excellence in business practices for sustainable growth and risk management by adhering to environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, along with maintaining responsibility to all stakeholders.

As a SET-listed company, GULF will continue to strive for business excellence in all aspects to be agile and be able to adapt to changing global trends and business disruptions to maintain the competitive edge. GULF implements long-term business strategies to increase the investments in renewable energy to comprise no less than 30% of total installed generating capacity by 2030. GULF is also aiming to reduce the carbon intensity by at least 25% within the same year. The company will continue to focus on sustainability management while expand the scope of comprehensive risk management to support economic growth. This goes hand in hand with the implementation of responsibility towards employees, communities, society and the environment.

The THSI list has been selected from listed companies that responded to the sustainability assessment form, consisting of 20 topics covering general indicators, as well as industry-based indicators varying across 8 industries, in accordance with the key issues for investors’ consideration and for the company’s long- term competitive capabilities. The listed companies with a score passing the 50 percent-threshold in each dimension (economic, environmental and social dimensions) and meeting the set qualifications requirements, for example, a company with a CGR rating of three stars or more, will be selected to be included in the THSI list. The sustainable investment working group consisting of experts in the capital market sector will ensure transparency in the whole process of screening and selection. The THSI list will be used to select constituents for the SETTHSI Index to promote sustainable investment. The review of the constituents of the SETTHSI Index is conducted semi-annually on a regular basis.

This year, a total of 170 companies on the THSI list has demonstrated a significant development in the disclosure of environmental and social information such as policies and targets of environmental management; performance and efficiency in the management of resources related to energy efficiency, water and waste management, and in terms of employees, communities and society through business processes. Listed companies have also assessed climate change risks by firmly establishing policies and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as human rights due diligence process.

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