Environmental stewardship
Gulf is aware of the need to conserve natural resources and maintain the quality of the natural environment for the current and future generations. We work to ensure our environmental programs align with national and international efforts to respond to major global concerns which have emerged over the past few decades, focusing especially on the local environment in the areas where we operate. Our aim is not only to minimize any negative environmental impacts that may result from our operations, but to also positively contribute to the WORLD. We strive to achieve this through our Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) which covers the following:
Waste management
GULF works to ensure that our operations do not leave behind negative effects on the environment. This means monitoring everything that comes out of our projects including municipal and operational waste, air emissions, greenhouse gases, and discharged water.
Operational eco-efficiency
As part of our commitment to responsible production, GULF invests in state-of-the-art technology as well as research and development to improve the efficiency and achieve strong performance at its projects. These measures benefit shareholders and investors as well as the environment.
Resource management
We recognize that our business would not be able to operate without natural resources. As such, we make it a priority to ensure we are using these resources (such as land, water and natural gas) as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
Local impact
We understand that we share natural resources with the whole world. More importantly, wherever we operate, we are part of the local community. Therefore, it is important to us to create positive impacts on the local ecosystem as that not only demonstrates our environmental responsibility but also brings benefits to the local communities.
Development & conservation
GULF’s environmental efforts are not only focused on our own activities but are also directed towards building a lasting positive impact for the world. For this reason, we are also involved in a number of initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about environmental issues and sparking positive change.