GULF and the UN SDGs
GULF recognizes the importance of sustainable development beyond the corporate sector and is committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their entirety. We contribute to social development through our corporate social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives, focusing especially on supporting UN SDG #1 (No Poverty), #2 (Zero Hunger), #3 (Healthcare), #4 (Quality Education), #5 (Gender Equality), #10 (Reduced inequalities), #11 (Sustainable Communities) and #17 (Cooperation). As a leading energy and infrastructure company, we also work to ensure that our business activities contribute to sustainable development. As such, we have placed special emphasis on driving economic development through clean energy and infrastructure projects with the objective of supporting the following UN SDGs in particular:
Affordable and clean energy
GULF recognizes the essential role energy plays in driving growth and is committed to providing affordable, clean and reliable power to support economic and social development. We are working to achieve this through the adoption of a No Coal Policy and through the development and operation of clean power projects, namely, (i) natural gas power projects which will help meet the fast-growing demand in emerging and expanding markets, and (ii) renewable power projects including solar, wind and hydropower projects which will help contribute to global efforts to decarbonize.
Decent work and economic growth
GULF works to contribute to economic development at the local, national, regional and international level. We are involved in a number of initiatives that support local agriculture and other local businesses as well as educational programs and knowledge-sharing on a larger scale. We are also committed to upholding fair labor practices wherever we operate and are working to support sustainable job creation as we continue to expand our business.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
GULF invests in large-scale long-term projects to support industrial growth and national development. We work to support industry at the local, national and regional levels through the successful development of energy and infrastructure projects. In addition, we encourage the use of innovative practices and technologies in all our projects, having made it a foundation of our business strategies to invest in state-of-the-art technology where appropriate. We also support internal efficiency improvement projects as well as collaborations with external partners.
Responsible consumption and production
GULF makes it a priority to use energy and natural resources as efficiently as possible, avoiding negative environmental impacts wherever we can, and encouraging the creation of positive impacts through education and conservation programs. In addition to our No Coal Policy, we ensure full compliance with strict environmental standards and also work closely with the local community, regulators and state agencies to develop shared resource management schemes and promote awareness about environmental issues.
Climate action
GULF recognizes that climate change is a key issue for the world, and especially for the energy industry. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have adopted a No Coal policy and are actively working to increase investment in renewable energy for which we have set targets to significantly increase the proportion of solar, wind and hydropower projects in our generation mix. We also utilize state-of-the-art technology in all our projects to ensure our power plants operate at the highest efficiency and have registered all operating projects in the Carbon Footprint program.