Corporate Governance
With over two decades and nearly two dozen gas-fired power projects in operation in Thailand, GULF has developed strong expertise in the conventional power generation business. As part of our vision and commitment to maintaining strong sustainable business growth, we have expanded into renewable energy, with solar, wind and hydro projects under development and in operation. We have also expanded our operations overseas to countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe where we can bring our knowledge and experience to new markets. Additionally, we are diversifying into other businesses such as gas and infrastructure where we can continue to play a role in providing the foundation for strong economic growth.

To ensure that that the Company’s undertakings reflect its commitment to sustainable and responsible growth with the best interests of its shareholders, investors, partners and other stakeholders in mind, GULF has set up a governance structure under a single-tier system with a Board of Directors comprising independent and executive directors who provide oversight on all aspects of business management and operations. The Board is supported by sub-committees as well as the executive management team. Women make up close to 40% of the Board and 25-40% of sub-committee composition.

Since becoming a SET-listed company, GULF has consistently demonstrated good corporate governance through compliance with SEC regulations, active engagement with stakeholders, and regular reporting of Company information.
Achievements in governance
  • “Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companied 2019 “ score: 4 stars (very good) [Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)]
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Assessment Project 2019 score: 100% [Thai Investors Association]