Mr. Sarath Ratanavadi
Director, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Date of Appointment
May 25, 2017
Education / Training
University of Southern California, USA
Master of Science in Engineering Management
Chulalongkorn University
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Judicial Training Institute
The Program of Senior Executives on Justice Administration, Class 23
Royal Thai Police
Executive Development Training Program
Institute of Business and Industrial Development
Executive Management with Business Development and Investment, Class 1
College of the Constitutional Court
Rule of Law for Democracy, Class 6
Thailand Energy Academy
The Executive Program in Energy Literacy for a Sustainable Future, Class 1
the Administrative Justice Institute, the Office of the Administrative Courts
Administrative Justice for Executives Program, Class 1
Capital Market Academy
Capital Market Leadership Program, Class 7
Public Prosecutor Office Training Institute, Office of the Attorney General
The Director General Public Prosecutors, Class 6
Director Training
Thai Institute of Directors
Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 138/2017
  • Work Experience (during the recent 5 years) and/or Important Positions
2021 - 2022
Director and Vice Chairman of the Board, Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited
2018 - 2020
Director, Gulf Energy International Company Limited
2008 - 2020
Director, Gulf JP Company Limited
2011 - 2017
Director and Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Energy Development Company Limited
2008 - 2017
President, Gulf JP Company Limited
2008 - 2017
Board Vice Chairman, NIST International School Foundation
2011 - 2016
Representative of Licensee, NIST International School
2008 - 2016
Executive Board Chairman, NIST International School
1994 - 2016
Director and President, Gulf Electric Public Company Limited
  • Other Directorship Positions/ Other Positions at Present
Other Listed Companies
2021 - Present
Director, Vice Chairman of the Board and Member of Nomination and Compensation Committee, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited
Non-listed Companies
2022 - Present
Director, Gulf Binance Company Limited
2021 - Present
Director, Gulf Innova Company Limited
2021 - Present
Director, Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited
2021 - Present
Director, GULF1 Company Limited
2021 - Present
Director, Gulf Energy Renewable Company Limited
2018 - Present
Board of Councilors, University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, USA
2017 - Present
Board Chairman, NIST International School Foundation
2017 - Present
Director, Gulf Investment and Trading Pte. Ltd.
2016 - Present
Director, Gulf Holdings (Thailand) Company Limited