Social responsibility
Social responsibility for GULF means working to elevate the quality of life for everyone we come into contact with. We strive to make a positive impact on people both within and outside the organization and are committed to developing and protecting the well-being of all our people – our GULF Family, GULF Community, and GULF Society. Under our Sustainability Framework, we use the acronym HELPS to represent the special emphasis we place on the following areas:
Human rights
We believe that human rights are a fundamental part of society and works to ensure our activities and operations promote such rights. For us, issues such as non-discrimination, gender equality, and fair and equitable treatment apply not only to internal stakeholders, but to everyone.
People are the heart of our company. GULF has made sure our operations comply with and go beyond national labor laws, our employees are provided with a safe and happy workplace, and there are equal opportunities for personal development and professional growth.
Local community
GULF makes it a priority to improve the quality of life for people wherever we go. This means, especially, developing strong relationships with the local communities where we operate to understand their needs and finds ways to create shared value together.
We recognize that we have the potential to make a positive impact on a wider scale through initiatives that encompass the general society. We undertake multiple philanthropic activities each year under the theme of IMPACT focusing on Infrastructure, Medical services, Productivity, Activity, Conservation, and Teaching and learning.
Strategic partnerships
GULF understands that success cannot be achieved without support. Therefore, we seek to grow responsibly and sustainably by forming strong strategic partnerships with business partners, investors, associates, suppliers, advisors, researchers, and countless others.