Innovation plays a key role in helping companies achieve sustainability. It can come in many forms, such as new technologies, new ways of doing things, new uses of existing tools, or new approaches to problem-solving.

At GULF, innovation helps us achieve our operational targets and grow our business. We work closely with our partners, suppliers, advisors, and universities to seek effective solutions and explore emerging technologies. We also have a dedicated team responsible for finding innovative ways to improve our operating efficiency.

Machine learning
GULF, in collaboration with SCG, have implemented a machine-learning program for our gas-fired power projects in Thailand which will help improve how operational data is collected and analyzed, moving us from proactive preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Within the first year, this project is expected to help achieve over 25 million THB in avoided business interruption costs.
IU load switching
GULF jointly monitors the operational data and load (demand) for small power producer (SPP) power projects which supply electricity to industrial users (IUs) and are located in close proximity to each other. If multiple units are operating at partial capacity (which is inefficient), we may switch the load from one unit to another in order to optimize the load in one unit and achieve higher efficiency. In 2022, IU load switching was applied at 14 power projects and resulted in over 660 million THB in cost savings (due to reduced fuel consumption) and over 71,000 tCO2e of avoided greenhouse gas emissions.
Smart operations
GULF applies the use of digital tools and technologies to help monitor and control our operations. From thousands of sensors and scanners gate-to-gate, to automated notification systems, to online operational logs, our engineers are able to manage tens of thousands of data points at any given time, allowing us to stay on top of any issues that might occur and making us one of the most efficient power teams working in Thailand today.
Premium clarified water
Reclaimed water refers to wastewater from factories located on industrial estates which is treated using reverse osmosis to produce premium clarified water. This reduces the amount of raw water pumped directly from rivers and canals. As the premium clarified water is of better quality than raw water, the Company is able to cycle it through its cooling towers more times than other water, thus reducing overall water consumption even more. The Company has switched to premium clarified water at 4 power projects, resulting in cost-savings of over 8 million THB in 2022 and a 22% reduction of total net freshwater consumption compared to the previous year. The Company will continue to expand this initiative to additional power projects where premium clarified water is available.